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It’s about time for your second application of pre-emergent herbicide if you haven’t already put some down?  Roughly eights weeks after your first application.   Here in the transition zone, south/east/Tennessee, we usually apply three rounds of pre-emergent.  I.e Stonewall 19-0-7, Dimension 13-0-5, than back to Stonewall with a lower nitrogen formula.   Avoid high nitrogen fertilizer as summer approaches.  High nitrogen may “burn” the grass in higher temperatures.  It also makes your lawn more susceptible to diseases.

Dimension 13-0-5 Pre-Emergent and fertilizer

Crab grass starts to germinate when the soil temperature reaches around 57° at one inch depth. Hint, Look for Forsythia bushes.

Caution, Winter/spring over-seeding and pre-emergent don’t go together!

Simple compact Dutch Bucket build for my indoor grow tent. Using this design temporary until I can move their system outdoors after the frost date.

Visit garden/hydroponic page for how I built this simple Dutch Bucket System.  Will later add to this design to accommodate additional buckets.

Today I want to talk to you about my top 4 recommended medicinal herbs for you and your garden. The ones that I have included here are highly useful for all types of situations. These plants address several major health issues that people look to botanical medicine for help. Top 4 Medicinal Herbs for the Garden  Written by: Danna Sharp from Wisteria Herbs.

Sharpen your blades

A great way to learn more about plants is by attending and participating in a plant swap meet. Look for such venues in your area.   Some folks are happy to give away plants so they don’t have to take them back home and plant them.  Also check out your local college extensions for events.

Have plans to start a page dedicated to hydroponics.  It’s a fascinating science!

“In the lawn care business: It’s not how many clients you can get. It’s about keeping the ones you already have.”

A healthy lawn requires work and knowing when to act.  Smartplanters Lawn & Landscape page  covers some of the  basics of maintaining a healthy lawn.  You’ll find lawn tips on aeration, watering, fertilizing, mowing, and much more.

Eventually your turf will require some additional attention.  On the  turf-products page you’ll find definitions for pesticides.  Also have several common products to help manage your lawn and landscape.