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Smartplanters,  a simple to the point approach for quick reference on questions pertaining to your growing needs.  For the DIY Home owner or commercial contractor. Lawn Care, Landscape, Garden, irrigation and equipment.

Fuel stabilizer

Now that we’re in the winter months it’s vital to properly store your equipment.   Small engine storage  Today’s gasoline is only good for about thirty days. So you’ll need to either run your small engines out of gas or add a fuel stabilizer to a full tank of gas

Understanding pesticides.  Definitions and some examples of products.

Download .pdf Sample Fertilizer Program.  Reference only.

Buying a new mower?  Some things to consider.

Lesco Rotary Spreader conversion Chart.  Letters to number for the older models.

A great way to learn more about plants is by attending and participating in a plant swap meet. Look for such venues in your area.  Here’s one we had recently. Eastern Tennessee Plant Swap.

A simple and effective way to disperse down spot water is with a Corrugated drain with poly rock and mesh sock. Reduces labor on a typical installation by almost 50%.

For more efficient trimming I endorse the use of a square trimmer line.  It cuts faster and cleaner then the conventional round line.  There’s also a star shaped trimmer line.

Dallisgrass vs Crabgrass.  If I had to contend with either one I’d choice the Crabgrass.

As the weather gets hot and dry be sure to raise your mower blades.  Most fescue lawns I mow upwards of four plus inches.  It’s also a good practice to water in the morning hours.

Had the opportunity to visit Kings Hydrofarm just outside of Knoxville, TN.  Have plans to start a page dedicated to hydroponics.  It’s a fascinating science!

For the gardeners out there. Here are some general dates for planting your seeds. About this time you can start with Broccoli, Carrots, Onions, Peas & Spinach. (Zone 6b – 7a)

“In the lawn care business: It’s not how many clients you can get. It’s about keeping the ones you already have.”

A healthy lawn requires work and knowing when to act.  The Lawn Care Page covers the basics of maintaining a healthy lawn.  You’ll find lawn tips on aeration, watering, fertilizing, mowing, and much more.


Short articles on topics such as small engine storageGreen Industry Expo Show,  DIY or hire,   grub & moles, and other green industry interests.




Based on a small data sample from Knoxville, TN and Louisville, TN
Average city limit subdivision lawn has about 6,561 sq ft of grass to mow.
Average time to mow, (48” machine), trim/edge and blow – 32.4 minutes.
In 2012 the average number of mowings was  32.
In 2013 the average number of mowings was  33.75.
In 2014 the average number of mowings was  30.5
In 2015 the average number of mowings was  27.3
In 2016 the average number of mowings was  25.0

Eventually your turf will require some additional attention.  On the  turf-products page you’ll find definitions for pesticides.  Also have several common products to help manage your lawn and landscape.

Landscaping is a great way to add value and curb appeal to your home.  Visit the Landscape Page for some ideas to get you started.

Gardening is a great way to eat healthy.  It’s also a fun hobby.  The Garden page covers some of the basics for growing fruits and vegetables.

Most are intimated by a irrigation system.  See the Irrigation Page for a simple review of how such a system works.