Month: September 2013

The real cost of turf irrigation

I have been in the lawn and landscape industry for going on twenty five years now.  An irrigation system can be a frivolous investment if not properly managed.  Based on my experience I would place the percentage of mismanaged irrigation systems around eighty percent. What you may consider as an investment or a home improvement [Continue]

The art of a Portfolio

Your portfolio tells a lot about you and your direction in life.  It may be the the only impression you have to gain acceptance into your desired school of art.  With that being said it would be incumbent of you to invest in a professional portfolio.  The good news is you can receive help with [Continue]

Aeartion and overseeding

Core aeration has several benefits.  Breaking up compacted soil helps your turf acquire water and nutrients more efficiently.  Basically getting the fertilizer and water to the roots.  Increases water absorption.  Helps with run off, therefore using less water.  Aids in dissipating thatch buildup.  Encourages new root growth.  Usually once a year in the fall is [Continue]