The art of a Portfolio

Your portfolio tells a lot about you and your direction in life.  It may be the the only impression you have to gain acceptance into your desired school of art.  With that being said it would be incumbent of you to invest in a professional portfolio.  The good news is you can receive help with organizing your portfolio for a small fee and in some cases no charge.

All professional educational institutions want to know up front what their potential candidates have to offer.  They want to feel comfortable knowing that a student will complete the curriculum and become a part of a successful alumni.

Assembling a compete portfolio may seem a little daunting if it’s not something you have ever done before.  Or perhaps you have had some experience but your looking for that additional polish that will make you stand out form other applicants.

With the use of the internet there are many helpful sources to utilize.  These connections can provide examples, insights, do’s and don’ts for configuring your presentation.  There are sites where you can also submit your portfolio to get even more attention. You may also want to consider template software to help you design and aggregate your resume.

With a little effort and some do due diligence you’ll find that most everything you need is right at your fingertips. Your natural creativity along with a skillful presentation will get you heading in the right direction.