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Aeartion and overseeding

Core aeration has several benefits.  Breaking up compacted soil helps your turf acquire water and nutrients more efficiently.  Basically getting the fertilizer and water to the roots.  Increases water absorption.  Helps with run off, therefore using less water.  Aids in dissipating thatch buildup.  Encourages new root growth.  Usually once a year in the fall is [Continue]

Sharpen your blades

Maintaining a healthy lawns also requires servicing your machine. Periodic blade sharping is essential. You want to cut your grass, not tear it. Dull blades stress the turf making it more prone to disease. It’s also easier to sharpen semi dull blades vs a blunt cutting surface. If you’re using a grinding wheel, be sure [Continue]

Geese Repellent Flight Control

Geese repellent.  There are a couple ways to deter unwanted geese.    One of them is with a product such as Flight Control.  This liquid application does a couple things to discourage geese.  It changes the ultraviolet reflection of the turf to mimic a darkened area.  The geese will not want to land on what they [Continue]

Why are my tomatoes splitting?

Why are my tomatoes splitting?  Basically its due to inconsistent levels of water, heat & nutrients. Some of which, due to weather, you don’t have any control over. Because of these fluctuations the fruit in essences out grows it’s skin. If picked in time its still good to eat and should not effect the taste. [Continue]

Lawn Renovation

Your lawn may require just a simple aeration followed by over seeding and a starter fertilizer. Or If your lawn is more weeds then desirable grass you may want to consider two applications of round-up. Which is a non selective herbicide, meaning it will kill any foliage you spray.  Then proceed with aeration, over-seeding, and [Continue]