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Grubs and Moles

If your experiencing problems with grubs and moles you have a couple options.  Talpirid mole bait, traps, or Merit.  See post on mole abatement for more details. Merit is primarily used to treat grubs. Usually used annually as a preventive measure. Recently, as of Sept/Oct. 2013, there is evidence of grubs here in the transition zone.  My [Continue]

Mower deck size and productivity

If your in the market for a new mowing machine your probably wondering what size machine to purchase.   There are a few things to consider.  If your a homeowner it’s a little simpler.  Size of lot, obstacles, landscaping, gate width, budget and perhaps terrain.  If your purchasing a machine for commercial use you need to [Continue]

Dressing your grinding wheel

A must have tool if your sharpening mower blades is a grinding wheel dressing tool.  It’s easy to use and only takes a few seconds to clean or dress your grinding wheel.  There also inexpensive, about $24 from Amazon. Why do you need one?  As you sharpen your mower blades the grinding wheel becomes compacted [Continue]

Blow or Mulch your leaves

Often times I am asked what is the best method to remove leaves from your lawn. This can be somewhat subjective. If you have the means you may hire a lawn service to manage your leaves and not have to worry about it.  Being in the lawn and landscape industry for going on twenty five [Continue]

Small engine storage.

The seasons is coming to an end.  Here in the Smokey Mountain region about eighty percent of the leafs are down.  Most of us are still busy blowing leafs and mowing.  I would say by the end of the month most of us will be wrapping things up for this year.  Those up way north [Continue]

Lawn care, DIY or hire?

Have you ever wondered what it actually cost to maintain your lawn?  Perhaps you have a log and some actual figures.  Did you log you time?  Did you include all the extras?  Annual flowers, mulch, transporting/truck, perhaps equipment rental, fertilizer, etc    Most people that take care of their own lawn do so either because they [Continue]


The Green Industry Expo Is a great show to see the latest and greatest in new machinery and products.  Lawn, Landscape, garden, farm, greenhouse, or DIY homeowner.  Hundreds of exhibits each with a  representative you can learn more from.  By simply scanning your show badge you can receive more info via email or regular mail.  Not only can you speak [Continue]

Mole abatement

If your experiencing problems with moles you have a couple options to eradicate them.   Merit insecticide, Talpirid mole bait, or trapping. Moles can do a lot of damage to a lawn in a short period of time.  First it’s important to realize why you have moles in the first place.   Moles are tunnel through your lawn [Continue]

The real cost of turf irrigation

I have been in the lawn and landscape industry for going on twenty five years now.  An irrigation system can be a frivolous investment if not properly managed.  Based on my experience I would place the percentage of mismanaged irrigation systems around eighty percent. What you may consider as an investment or a home improvement [Continue]

Aeartion and overseeding

Core aeration has several benefits.  Breaking up compacted soil helps your turf acquire water and nutrients more efficiently.  Basically getting the fertilizer and water to the roots.  Increases water absorption.  Helps with run off, therefore using less water.  Aids in dissipating thatch buildup.  Encourages new root growth.  Usually once a year in the fall is [Continue]