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Replacing wiper blades

Sometimes it can be tricky to replace wiper blades especially on a truck.  Often times it’s easy to clip the new ones on yet for some reason it can be difficult to remove the old ones first. I have found that it can be easier to simply remove the wiper arm assembly to gain better [Continue]


The Green Industry Expo Is a great show to see the latest and greatest in new machinery and products.  Lawn, Landscape, garden, farm, greenhouse, or DIY homeowner.  Hundreds of exhibits each with a  representative you can learn more from.  By simply scanning your show badge you can receive more info via email or regular mail.  Not only can you speak [Continue]

The direction of SEO

Infographic Credit Search Engine Optimization, SEO.  We often times hear this abbreviation in correlation with websites.  So what does it mean.  Basically it’s the process of creating an efficient website that’s easily read by a search engine.  Google, Yahoo being some of the biggest known search engines.  The process can be detailed and is usually [Continue]

The art of a Portfolio

Your portfolio tells a lot about you and your direction in life.  It may be the the only impression you have to gain acceptance into your desired school of art.  With that being said it would be incumbent of you to invest in a professional portfolio.  The good news is you can receive help with [Continue]