Injection Control Pressure Sensor / ICP

Injection Control Pressure Sensor / ICP.    7.3 PSD

The ICP sensor provides a feedback signal to indicate high oil pressure so the PCM can command the correct injector timing, pulse width and injection control pressure for proper fuel delivery.

ICP sensor F6TZ-9F838_A for 7.3psd

In time this sensor will need to be replaced.  Eventually oil will start to leak thought the sensor.  This will of course give inaccurate readings to the PCM.  If not replaced in time the oil will impregnate the wires which are plugged into the unit.  Neither one is cheap so it’s best to replace the senor before it ruins the plug.

ICP sensor F6TZ-9F838_A Old/bad unit

My check engine light came on.  I have a programmer which can run some basic codes.  The two codes I got where:  “P1280-Inject. Control Pressure Circuit Out of Range Low” and “P1670-EF  Feedback Signal Not Detached”

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After replacing the bad ICP I noticed the engine running smoother and getting better MPG.