Mole abatement

If your experiencing problems with moles you have a couple options to eradicate them.   Merit insecticide, Talpirid mole bait, or trapping.

Moles can do a lot of damage to a lawn in a short period of time.  First it’s important to realize why you have moles in the first place.   Moles are tunnel through your lawn looking for food.  Grubs and other in ground insects.  Therefore trapping and baiting is an option which works, but it’s often times short lived.   In order to trap or bait them you need to establish their main tunnel.  They usually have a central channel in which they travel from their nest to their feeding grounds.  Once they find a food source they will arbitrary burrow around just under the sod feeding.   Therefore if you want to trap or bait them you need to establish their main channel.   This is easy to do in a open area or field.  If you have a small subdivision lawn with landscape beds this will most likely prove challenging.

The other issue is trapping or baiting doesn’t really solve the problem.  Or if it does it’s usually short term.  The reason being you haven’t taken away their food source.  So if your able to catch a mole or two, eventually others will follow seeking the same food source.  Therefore the better solution would be to eliminate the food source.   This is can be a win win for your lawn because your treating two issues at the same time.  Moles eat the grubs and in the process up root your sod.  Grubs eat the grass roots which in turn directly damages  your turf.  Racoons are also know to ravage through a lawn looking for grubs which can destroy your lawn over night.


So what is the best approach?  I recommend a product such as Merit.  A granular insecticide which will eliminate the grubs and other insects in your sod.  Their or other residential products such as Dylox which will accomplish the same thing.  These products should be watered in or applied prior to some rain.  Usually it will take about a week maybe two before you start to see less activity.