Purging your air tank, water accumulates

Purging your air tank.  Most of us are guilty of not servicing our air compressors often enough.  Here in the south with the higher humidity it’s important to drain the tank on a regular basis.  An air tank can accumulate a couple of cups or more of water.  Over time this will rust out the tank.  The valve at the bottom of the tank will often times need to be removed to clean it out.  As it will become clogged with rust debris. Be sure to depressurize the tank before removing the valve otherwise it will become a projectile!

Ideal time to perform such service is on a dry day when the humidity is low.  However, servicing it on a regular basis is recommended to ensure the longevity of your air compressor.  Visit Equipment/Misc page for other helpful tips.

Most newer air compressors are oilless.  I’ve had mine for several years with no issues.  Older models would start to lose pressure after a couple seasons of use.   An upright tank, in my opinion, is the best way to go.  Takes up less room in your shop or garage.

Also, don’t forget to oil your air tools.  Ratchets wrench, impact wrenches, drills, air hammer, etc.  They to can be affected by moisture if not serviced from time to time.

The best way to protect your air tools is with a water separator filter.drain plug.001