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Search Engine Optimization, SEO.  We often times hear this abbreviation in correlation with websites.  So what does it mean.  Basically it’s the process of creating an efficient website that’s easily read by a search engine.  Google, Yahoo being some of the biggest known search engines.  The process can be detailed and is usually done by a person that’s savvy with the internet.

Tweets and facebook updates are in the neighborhood of a billion a day.  Which is a lot of data being transferred and shared.  It can also take time to read and create a good post.  CEO’s and business owners often times don’t have the time to spend advertising using such media.  About one third of them say they would like to spend less of their time on social media sites.

The old saying is true, it takes money to make money.  Thirty six percent of small businesses utilize publishing and analytic tools to optimize their market on the internet.  Even with advanced software tools it still takes time to keep everything updated.  It’s a fluid investment which if not properly managed can turn into a liability.

From the years 2010 to 2011 in house SEO declined from fifty one percent to forty four percent.  This according to a survey of 900 client-side agencies and advertisers.  Corporations are starting to outsource their SEO task.  This is proving to be the trend and a wise move.

Consumers like custom content.  Sixty one percent are more likely to make a purchase when they feel they are being catered to.   So the investment of outsourcing SEO task by businesses is proving to be a viable and sound decision.