Sharpen your blades


Maintaining a healthy lawns also requires servicing your machine. Periodic blade sharping is essential. You want to cut your grass, not tear it. Dull blades stress the turf making it more prone to disease. It’s also easier to sharpen semi dull blades vs a blunt cutting surface.

If you’re using a grinding wheel, be sure to dress the wheel from time to time.  Makes sharping your balds faster and more efficient.

Servicing your mower blades is also one of the aspects of lawn care you have control over, unlike the weather.  Turf mowed with sharp blades recover faster.  The grass will also maintain more of it’s chlorophyll which is beneficial for keeping it green. Healthy grass will also help to choke out weeds.

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Safety tips when working on your machine.  For the residential mower, such as a 21″ machine, be sure to unplug the spark plug wire before performing any work.  It’s recommended to only leave the machine on it’s side just long enough to remove the blade and then to replace it.   Leaving it on it’s side for too long will most likely lead to leaking fluids and possibly a difficult start.

When working on a larger machine such as a ZTR I recommend a using an approved jack.  The “jungle jack” is a safe and quick way to service the underside of the mower.

Jungle Jack

“Jungle Jack” Mower lift. Worth the investment if you need to service multiple machines. Great for safely sharpening blades or other under deck maintenance. Will also safely lift front end mowers like ZTR’s.