Turf disease

Our current weather pattern has exacerbated turf diseases such as brown patch, dollar spot, etc. Fungicides are available to manage the diseases.   These pictures taken June 13th, 2014.  Louisville, TN
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Fungicides are a little pricy, usually don’t cover a large area, and offer a short residual. However, If you want a nice manicured lawn it’s best to try and manage what you have vs starting over.  Yet you may reach a threshold to where it may be best to wait till fall when you can then aerate and over seed.  My recommendation would be to at least make an effort to manage your turf disease.  Best outcome would be one or two treatments accompanied by improving weather conditions.  You may also choice to treat only your front lawn.

ideally it’s best to prediction when conditions are favorable for hosting turf diseases and applying a preventive treatment.  Here in eastern TN it’s warm and humid.  So every year there is a strong chance lawn fungus will prove to be an issue.
If you’re managing an athletic field where having a healthy aesthetic turf is how you earn a living.  Then most likely have no choice but to absorb the cost of treatment.

Here are a couple products I endorse to help manage turf disease.