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How to Plan and Grow Your Own Bamboo Garden

A Bamboo plant provides an exotic look to your landscape. Classified as a ‘grass’ bamboo is wonderfully easy to grow and requires extraordinarily little care to thrive. It can easily replace trees in your yard by offering shade and cover…


How to Grow and Take Care of Air Plants (Tillandsia)

What are Air Plants? Air plants or Tillandsias are unique plants with small sizes, and lack of visible roots define them. Air plants rely on an air-to-water combination to grow but are not as water-dependent as conventional plants. They are…


How to Keep Indoor Plants Healthy Over Winter

Fall and winter have arrived with a vengeance. The days are growing shorter and the mercury is dipping. It’s time to dress warm, turn up the thermostat, build a fire, snuggle with warm blankets, and grab a cup of hot…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Aquaponics

Hydroponically grown plants rely on nutrient compounds added to the water to thrive. Hydroponic gardening that also uses fish depend on the aquatic creatures to provide the needed nutrients naturally. You can combine plant cultivation with aquaponic system to create…

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Lesco Carbon Pro

Lesco Carbon Pro is the latest miracle formula that many are calling revolutionary. Available in either granular or liquid form, it has been formulated to rapidly strengthen established lawns and help maintain turf so it can better maximize the use…


Hydroponic System: How It Works

Hydroponics is a form of plant cultivation that involves the use of water without soil. In Latin, the term ‘hydroponics’ translates to ‘working with water’. Without soil to hinder the plant’s roots, the water provides an abundance of hydration, nutrients,…

Microgreen Plants

How to Grow Hydroponic Microgreens

Due to their quick growth rate, bright flavor, and interesting colors, microgreens have become popular in both home kitchens and restaurants. If you want to try growing them, you’re not alone. However, these tiny greens can use a lot of…


5 Best Hydroponic Garden Kits

If you’ve decided you want to try out growing with hydroponics, it’s smart to start out with a hydroponic garden kit. By purchasing a Hydroponic Garden kit, you’ll have all the parts you need to start growing hydroponically. When you…