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February 2017


Are Moles Tunneling Through Your Lawn?

Are moles tunneling through your lawn? Even during the winter months, like February, moles can be an issue.  I have one in my lawn now that I need to address.  They can do a lot of damage by tunneling.  However…

Ornamental grass winter

Tips Cutting Back Ornamental Landscape Grass

Tips Cutting Back Ornamental Landscape Grass Ornamental grasses are actually an unsurpassed addition you definitely should do to your garden’s landscape. Elegant ornamental grasses can add an interesting look and delightful texture to your garden during almost all seasons. There…


Desired pH Levels for your Garden Plants

Desired pH Levels for your Garden Plants. Vegetable crops and their pH preferences pH 4.5 to 5.5 Radish Sweet Potato pH 4.8 to 5.5 Potato pH 5.5 to 6.5 Endive Parsley Pepper Rhubarb Soybean pH 5.5 to 7.0 Beans Broccoli…


Temperature, Germination & When to Seed Plants

Temperature_Germination chart When to Seed reference chart These charts are only to give an idea of when to plant.  It’s important to consider your climate.  Theses references are good for mid US. Temperature & Germination Crop Minimum Percent Germination Days to…