Often times I am asked what is the best method to remove leaves from your lawn. This can be somewhat subjective. If you have the means you may hire a lawn service to manage your leaves and not have to worry about it.  Being in the lawn and landscape industry for going on twenty five years now I have learned how to assess fall clean up jobs with ease.  The only problem I have is the wind hardly every blows in my favor!

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Leaves in grass

If your wanting to tackle the task yourself I would say it depends on your situation, logistics and equipment.  If you can see the grass through the leafs it should have enough ventilation and shouldn’t be an issue.  On the other hand you don’t want piles of wet leafs sitting on your turf for too long as that will eventually damage the grass.

If your in a heavily wooded area you may need to take some action if you want to maintain a healthy lawn.  Often times leafs will accumulate in correlation with the wind patterns. What equipment do you have on hand and where, if any, can you relocate the leafs.  Often times, providing you have a large blower, it will take about the same amount of time to push the leafs as it does to mow over them a few times to mulch them. If you have an area that you can push the leaves to that may be your simplest option.  Providing the wind and terrain is in your favor.  Mulching the leaves is beneficial for your lawn providing the leaves are dry and your not letting them accumulate too much.  Be sure to wear a face mask when mulching leaves. You can get a nasty sinus infection.  Also, be sure to service your equipment. See Equipment page for some tips for miscellaneous service.  Mulching is a dusty job that requires the machine to work a lot harder.  As your reducing the leaves with your mow try to do it in a fashion that evenly scatters the chopped leafs.  Once again you’re wanting to let the grass breath and at the same time adding nutrients and compost.

Lawn, Landscape, Garden, Medicinal Plants

Fall Tree

It’s best to try and keep up with the leaves as they fall vs trying to manage them after there’re all down.  Leafs add a natural compost to your lawn. The energy required to regulate leafs is somewhat relative.  Wether it’s your effort in blowing them or your effort to mulch them. Often times clearing the leaves from your lawn is a matter aesthetics.

F.Y.I,  As Oak leaves decompose their pH level is close to neutral and will not turn your soil acidic as previously thought.

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