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All About Micro-Farms

A micro-farm is a small sustainable farm that requires extraordinarily little land to flourish. The minuscule farm is usually under five acres in urban or suburban areas. In many cities, zoning restrictions and strict size limits have forced would-be urban…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Aquaponics

Hydroponically grown plants rely on nutrient compounds added to the water to thrive. Hydroponic gardening that also uses fish depend on the aquatic creatures to provide the needed nutrients naturally. You can combine plant cultivation with aquaponic system to create…

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Lesco Carbon Pro

Lesco Carbon Pro is the latest miracle formula that many are calling revolutionary. Available in either granular or liquid form, it has been formulated to rapidly strengthen established lawns and help maintain turf so it can better maximize the use…

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Aeration, Over-seeding & Pre-Emergent

Overview I have noticed a few signs of aeration and overseeding advertising. It’s almost March now and those lawn aeration, overseeding and pre-emergent advertisements catch my attention. But there are a couple of things to consider. First, overseeding should be…

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Geese Repellent for unwanted geese

Geese repellent.  There are a couple ways to deter unwanted geese.    One of them is with a product such as Flight Control.  This liquid application does a couple things to discourage geese.  It changes the ultraviolet reflection of the turf…