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Lesco Carbon Pro

Lesco Carbon Pro is the latest miracle formula that many are calling revolutionary. Available in either granular or liquid form, it has been formulated to rapidly strengthen established lawns and help maintain turf so it can better maximize the use…

Brown Patch
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Turf Diseases in Fescue Lawns

Depending on your grass type, fescue or Bermuda grass for example, your lawn my not be too happy under the current heat wave we’re experiencing. Turf diseases is common especially in fescue lawns. Bermuda takes the heat and humidity better….

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Aeration, Over-seeding & Pre-Emergent

Overview I have noticed a few signs of aeration and overseeding advertising. It’s almost March now and those lawn aeration, overseeding and pre-emergent advertisements catch my attention. But there are a couple of things to consider. First, overseeding should be…

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Turf disease

Our current weather pattern has exacerbated turf diseases such as brown patch, dollar spot, etc. Fungicides are available to manage the diseases.   These pictures taken June 13th, 2014.  Louisville, TN See lawn page for tips on proper lawn care. Visit…

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Turf grass disease

Once again turf grass disease is an issue this year here in the transition zone of eastern TN.  It’s definitely ubiquitous here in the Knoxville area.  Would suspect it’s an issue elsewhere as well.   I treated multiple times last year for brown patch.  Unfortunately…

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Blow or Mulch your leaves

Often times I am asked what is the best method to remove leaves from your lawn. This can be somewhat subjective. If you have the means you may hire a lawn service to manage your leaves and not have to…

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Mole abatement

Mole abatement. If your experiencing problems with moles you have a couple options to eradicate them.   Merit insecticide, Talpirid mole bait, or trapping. Moles can do a lot of damage to a lawn in a short period of time.  First…

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Lawn Aeration and Overseeding

Core aeration represents a form of aerated lawn that is mechanically extracted from lawn plugs or “cores” of ground and thatch by a lawn machine (a lawn aerator) with hollow tines. Core aeration decreases the compaction between soils and provides…