For those that still have the old 7.3’s landscape trucks on the road.  The fuel filter switch assembly is a common source for a fuel leak. Cheap part and easy install.

Fuel filter switch assembly

Post on ICP sensor 7.3

Maintaining your equipment is essential to protecting that investment.  Having the right machines to manicure your yard will make your job a lot easier.  Whether your a home owner or a professional lawn/landscape provider servicing your equipment is crucial. See post on tips for buying used mower.


If your electric fuel pump or fan shuts down your mower/tractor start first with replacing the relay!  It’s a $5 part and often times will fix the issue. Specialized small engine components such as pumps and fans are not cheap.  Apply this same exercise for your car or truck!

Battery Reconditioning.

If you do need to replace an item such as an electric fuel pump for a small engine such as on a ZTR, check for aftermarket parts.  I located a low pressure fuel pump at NAPA for half the price and it works fine.  Required fuel pressure for small engines is usually around 1.5 to 4 PSI.  If you install a automotive fuel pump you can damage your machine!

Blade grinder

This new concept of a blade grinder got my attention while at the GIE EXPO.  I may entertain buying one in the future. It’s priced comparable to other conventional grinders.  I like the concept and design of this machine.  Having more surface of the wheel in contact with the blade not only speeds up the sharpening process.  It also keeps the blade more uniformly sharpened.  I have not had a chance to try this new machine but I will give it merit.  Hopefully it will prove to be a success for R.B.G Grinders.

Stand up rider aerator

Stand up rider aerator

My local John Deere Landscape retailer  had this handy aerator parked out front.  It has a price upwards of eight thousand.  It can also push snow with an optional plow package.  Aeration along with over seeding is a profitable business.

Jungle Jack

“Jungle Jack” Mower lift. Worth the investment if you need to service multiple machines. Great for safely sharpening blades or other under deck maintenance. Will also safely lift front end mowers like ZTR’s.

A handy way to transport your fertilizer spreader is with a hopper caddy. It’s a receiver hitch mount.

A Kumho tire which separated/blowout at highway velocity. It not only damaged the bed of the truck, but almost ripped out both fuel necks. Estimate to repair was almost $6,000.

I do not endorse Kumho Tires.  This is the second tire which had to be replaced within 23,000 miles.  Another tire, as in a third one is getting ready to blowout.

Kumho Tire Co. will not investigate these tire failures.

If your insurance company does not get involved to help resolve your claim you can try a couple other channels to hopefully rectify the issue.  One in and the attorney general.

Make sure you fully document the incident and keep your maintenance logs current.

The cam shaft position senor on the 7.3’s is a cheap part which is easy to replace.  Its also a weak link in the system.  I replaced this one on my 1996 F250 as well as my 2000 F450

Re-seating a tire bead.   This is a small 4″ rim.  I have used this method on rims up to 12″ with no problem.

Battery Reconditioning.

Safer and more controlled then using a spray accelerant.