Lesco Carbon Pro is the latest miracle formula that many are calling revolutionary. Available in either granular or liquid form, it has been formulated to rapidly strengthen established lawns and help maintain turf so it can better maximize the use of water and nutrients for healthy, robust growth.

Lesco CarbonPro-G

CarbonPro-G is a granular formula that is applied directly to the turf using a LESCO spreader or some other acceptable method. It can deliver benefits directly to the soil. The benefits include are increased root growth and shoot development, especially in rye grass. With such a method, the absorption rate doubles of crucial and key micronutrients and macronutrients which are beneficial for tall fescue.

Lesco CarbonPro-L

A tank mixable liquid, it can easily be mixed with non-pesticide liquid applications to penetrate the soil more effectively. The liquid viability makes it more powerful and able to impact the plant’s growth. It not only penetrates the soil but also delivers nutrients directly via the plant’s leaves. Tank the liquid formula with herbicides, insecticides, or other fertilizers to apply directly for a multi-solution application. You’ll achieve greater grinding and seed establishment while battling common pests and weeds.

Benefits of Lesco Carbon Pro

CarbonPro brings forth nutrient transport technology that takes centerstage as a leader. The humic substances combined with the kelp extract to promote and enhance plant-microbe interactions within the soil which further increases the plant’s health and growth potential.

In an interview with Golf Industry News, John Gertz, vice president of management-agronomics at SiteOne Landscape Supply said about Lesco Carbon Pro, “We’re excited by the test results of this product and believe it will be yet another tool that helps our customers work smarter. A nutrient transporter like CarbonPro can boost nutrient uptake in plants by 30-35 percent and maximize ROI. It’s not only a significant enhancement to current nutrient programs, but it can be used during fertilizer restriction or blackout periods because it contains no N-P-K.”

Benefits of Lesco CarbonPro include:

• Lowers the operation cost needed to treat turf grass under stress
• Prevents or stops unwanted chlorosis (yellowing of green turf grass)
• Helps support new turf growth with faster seed germination
• Promotes enhanced and stronger turf quality which benefits remediation and restoration (especially in soils with salt toxicity within saline soils.)
• Increased water retention in treated soil
• Enhanced nutrient uptake
• Fosters greater, deeper root growth by stimulating the development
• Protects the plant from environmental stress
• Maximizes nutrient and water uptake throughout the plant’s vascular system
• Helps with stress recovery by increasing plant and turf metabolism which creates tolerance for stress.
• Greater green coloration due to the highly soluble chelated iron (EDTA iron) which is quickly absorbed by plants to create a lush, emerald green appearance.
• Accelerates seed germination
• Doubles a plant’s ability to absorb nutrients, such as micronutrients, and enhances the plant’s efficiency and helps it further utilize the nutrients that it does absorb.
• Offers a faster recovery from environmental stressors such as drought, salinity, nutrient deficiencies, heat, and traffic.
• Creates up to 75 percent grater root mass growth

Ingredients of Lesco CarbonPro

CarbonPro stands out due its unique compounds which promote plant health . The innovative combinations are reputed to contain five key ingredients that are found in nature and have been scientifically shown to be beneficial to plants and growth.

• Kelp Extract
• MobilEx nutrient transport technology
• Humic
• Microbial sourced metabolites
• Chelated (EDTA) iron

The guaranteed analysis of the formula is as follows:

· Iron (Fe) … 0.75%

· 0.75% Chelated Iron (Fe) derived from Iron EDTA

Looking Closely at Lesco CarbonPro Ingredients

Let’s take a quick look at the key ingredients found in Lesco CarbonPro to better understand how they promote the function of the formula:

Chelated Iron — Chelated iron is an essential micronutrient that helps plants synthesize chlorophyll which is what gives grass and foliage their green coloration. If iron is deficient then the plant will start to take on a yellow hue as chlorosis develops. You’ll find many forms of iron for plants, but more iron is better because it can be readily absorbed by the plant. EDTA iron stands out as one of the most soluble solutions which will quickly green up turf and grass. CarbonPro contains .75 percent EDTA iron.

Microbial Metabolites — LESCO CarbonPro is loaded with microbial metabolite technology. The microbial metabolites are essential for plant life. They are made from the byproducts of microbes. Sadly, they occur in extremely limited quantities in unhealthy soil environments. They promote plant growth, reproduction, and division.

• Amino acids
• Fulvic acids
• Organic acids
• Carbonates
• Carbamates
• Volatile organic compounds

You’ll encounter many products that state they add microbes to the soil, but the microbial activity is extremely limited, and they might even be dead when you add them. However, with LESCO CarbonPro, you are adding metabolites instead of microbes which are ideal.

MobilEX — MobilEX is a nutrient transport technology that is extremely unique. It helps to create soluble macronutrients such as phosphorus and zinc for the plant’s root system. It clearly increases the efficiency of the fertilizer applications so improve results.

Kelp — Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosom) is a family of marine plants that have been shown to offer a variety of benefits for plants. Lesco CarbonPro contains five percent kelp extract:

Kelp Compounds Include:

• Vitamins
• Fatty acids
• Micronutrients
• Complex sugars
• Alginic acids

Studies have shown that kelp extract acts by fortifying the plant, such as turfgrass, so it can withstand abiotic stress. It also helps plants withstand the following:

• Periods of drought
• Extreme temperature changes
• Salinity in the soil such as by the beachside
• Nutrient deficiencies

Humic — A key group of molecules, humic acid help plant roots absorb water and nutrients which increases yields substationally and promotes healthy growth.

Growers who are actively trying grow ornamental, trees, or grass in areas with high saline soils or in regions that suffer frequent exposure to ice-melt products following a severe winter find that CarbonPro is an excellent option. They apply CarbonPro during their fall fertilizer treatment regime to prepare their turf and plants for the frigid temperatures, frost, and increased salinity. Many also opt to use CarbonPro during overseeding or core aeration which are both ideal times to use the formula.

Applying Lesco CarbonPro in Lawn

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• A forty pound bag of CarbonPro will cover about five to six thousand sq. ft for the first application and then double the amount for the second application. Spread using a LESCO spreader or a specialty agitator.
• Use 10 pounds for the initial application and five pounds for any maintenance applications.
• When applying CarbonPro-L use two ounces per 1,000 sq. feet every month or any time that the grass needs fertilizer.
• Hydroseeding is two ounces per 1,000 sq. feet.

Lesco Carbon Pro might be a new kid on the block in the world of fertilizer, but people are taking notice because it stands apart as a hugely impressive formula. If you are looking for a fertilizer that ‘does it all’ then you won’t’ be disappointed.