Sample of Number of mowing per year

Sample of Number of mowing per year

Some data collected on number of mowing(s) per year, over the past five years.   Combination of irrigated and non-irrigated lawns.  With the dry heat we had last season, even watered lawns required less service.

Data collected in Knoxville and Louisville, Tennessee.

2012 –  32   Mowing(s)
2013 –  33.75
2014 –  30.5
2015 –  27.3
2016 –  25

I’ve been in the lawn and landscape industry for going on twenty-eight years now.  On average there seems to be about a six to seven year tend in the cycle of weather.  We’ll just have to see what twenty-seventeen brings use.

However, the weather pattern does appear to be more unstable.  Compared to what it was back in the “80’s

Mother nature has a way of balancing things out.  Last mowing season we experienced a drought here in the south east.  Now, winter of twenty-seventeen, we are getting plenty of much needed rain.  However, it’s too last for many lawns that suffered during the dry conditions.

Come spring non irrigated turf will need some renovation to maintain aesthetics and to keep out weeds.  The issue with renovation and over seeding, is spring is not the idea time to attempt to establish new grass.   If you do over seed avoid any pre-emergent applications as that will kill germinating grass.

The issue with skipping pre-emergent application(s) is weeds!  Many weeds can be managed with post emergent herbicides.  Spot treating is usually safe if you follow the label and use as directed.  Their are also granular applications, however I’ve had better luck with spot treating liquid treatments.  Granular treatments tend to cost more too depending on which products you  use. Dallisgrass is the one weed that’s no fun to deal with.

Depending on the amount of rain in your area.   You may need to water your lawn with hose and sprinkler.  Especially if the weather becomes too hot for the new grass.  One hot dry day can seriously stress new grass, which it may, or may not recover from.  Then you’ll be dealing with weeds.