Tips for taking care of your garden

Tips for taking care of your garden.  A fun hobby and is a great way to eat healthy!  But it does take a little work.

When to seed, Temperature / Germination

Desired pH levels


Garden 2013

Gardening ‘linked to longer lives By James Gallagher Health and science reporter, BBC News

Garden toolThis is a handy tool for weed removal in a garden.   It’s an old weed hoe.  There are different versions but this older one works pretty well.  Using a  pre-emergent or Roundup in the garden in not advisable.  So manual routine weed removal is necessary.  A regular hoe works good to.  But this hoe works in both directions. It’s best to weed often vs fighting overgrown mature weeds!


From the garden

tips-for-taking-care-of-your-gardenTips for taking care of your garden.  If you plan on growing tomatoes every year spend the extra money and buy a heavier gauge tomato cage.  The heavier built cages should last about 10 years.  They are also easier to poke in the ground and hold up better under the weight of a larger plant.


Luscious garden watermelon

Another reason to work in the garden.  We also benefit from the sun.  This short video explains how it all works.