Why are my tomatoes splitting?  Basically its due to inconsistent levels of water, heat & nutrients. Some of which, due to weather, you don’t have any control over. Because of these fluctuations the fruit in essences out grows it’s skin.

If picked in time its still good to eat and should not effect the taste. If left on the vine too long it is susceptible to fungus,  insects, and most likely the birds will eat it.

If your plant is in the ground vs a pot your pretty much at the mercy of the elements. You can however proportion your watering to the amount of rain you get if potted.  Be sure water under the plant and avoid getting the leafs wet as this will promote leaf blight.

I usually pick my tomatoes about a day before they are red and ripe.  Letting them ripen on a window ledge seems to work best.

Why are my tomatoes splitting?

Why are my tomatoes splitting?

Correct pH level and fertilizer helps to promote a stronger plant which is important for good fruit production. pH between 5.5 to 7 which makes tomatoes a versatile crop. Visit the garden page to see a chart for pH levels for varies corps.